Downtown Bicycles-tire repair-spokesWe are southern Minnesota’s premier shop for bike service, repair, new and used bikes.

Need a bike for getting around town or for one of the youngsters in your house? Downtown Bicycles stocks refurbished used bikes! Commuter bikes, mountain bikes, getting-around bikes … we’ve got ’em!

Our product line includes Cannondale, Bianchi and Surly, Salsa and Charge!

Need to have a bike repaired or serviced?

If you have already have a bike, but it needs some repairs or service, we’re the bike shop for you too! We’re Northfield’s bike service and repair headquarters … and our standard turn-around time is 3 days.

Downtown Bicycles-tire repairReasonable Rates

Bicycle Repair Services*
Tune-Ups …
Quickie …$44.95
Adjust front and rear brakes, light cleaning, lubricate and adjust the drive train, inspect and inflate the tires.

Full Service … $79.95
This includes inspecting all components for damage and wear, wheel truing (Front and Rear), lubing all pivots and cables, light drive train clean and lube, adjusting gears, adjusting brakes, airing tires to proper pressure, and a light cleaning of entire bike.

Wheel Truing … $17.00
Brake Adjustments …
Front/Rear … $15.00
Derailleur Adjustments …
Per Derailleur …$15.00
Headset Adjustments … $10.00

*Labor Cost only.
** Plus cost of tube.